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Hand Wash Station

Hand Wash Station - Essential Support Services - Small Unit

Hand Wash Stations

Essential Support Services offers portable hand wash station rentals. There are three types of hand wash stations to select for your specific needs.

Our first option is our Dual Hand Wash Station which has two hand wash sinks and features a foot pedal for pumping non-potable fresh water. The portable hand wash station contains a twenty-two (22) gallon capacity tank which holds the non-potable fresh water and a 24 gallon capacity tank for the grey water (used water). The hand wash station provides 1,408 pumps of water, which are approximately 350 hand washings before requiring servicing from our trained technicians.

The portable dual sink hand wash station also features two built in soap and paper towel dispensers. Each soap dispenser holds 30 fluid ounces (total 60 fluid ounces of soap per hand wash station). The conveniently mounted paper towel dispensers are stocked with two packs of 250 single-fold towels for a total of 1,000 towels per portable hand wash station.

This portable sink unit is a perfect solution for construction sites and any highly attended festival or event.

Hand Wash Station - Features

Each wash station has 2 sinksHeight62 in
Each sink operated by foot pumpWidth26.5 in
Two 30 fluid oz. soap dispensersDepth21.5 in
22 Gallon fresh water tank capacityWeight Empty70 Ib
24 Gallon used water capacityWeight Full254 Ib
1,408 pumps of waterFresh water Capacity22 gal
Soap Dispensers (2)Paper Towel Dispenser: 250 towels per pack. 1,000 towels per wash station.
(Four packs of single-fold towels)

The second option is ESS’s portable Super Twin Sink, which features one super large sink, with double the hand washing capacity of the standard units on the market. The large sink is designed to allow for complete forearm washing.

It has a 45 gallon non- potable fresh water capacity tank and a 45 gallon gray water capacity tank (used water); with foot pump operation, the large cutouts make the powerful foot pumps easily accessible, especially for the individuals wearing heavy work boots. The portable super twin sink also features two molded-in spigots; two spray soap dispenser and lockable paper towel dispensers.

Specifications for the Super Twin Sink:
Length 34”
Width 30.25”
Height 47.75”
Weight 120lbs

ESS’s third option is our Tag Along freestanding hand wash station. This portablehand wash station is a great solution for small to medium-sized sites or events. It provides all of the features of our super twin sink in a small capacity. It’s lightweight, yet durable, it is constructed of the same high quality materials of our other sink units. The Tag Along portable sink features a 24 gallon non-potable fresh water tank and a 24 gallon gray water capacity tank (used water). The portable sink has a powerful foot pump, two sinks, with molded-in spigots; two spray soap dispensers and two lockable paper towel dispensers.

Specifications for the Tag Along:
Length 28”
Width 17”
Height 49”
Weight 70lbs

So whether it’s for a marathon, street festival, government, residential, commercial or construction site or any other special event, our fully contained hand wash stations provides the solution to all your hand wash needs.

ESS’s portable sink hand wash stations meet city and county requirements (OSHA approved).

Please contact us, we can assist you with selecting the portable hand wash station that will fit your needs and provide the perfect hand washing station for your attendees.